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EEF podcast on Vocabulary and Language in schools

A new podcast from the EEF includes a discussion with project consultant Marcus Jones about the project and its implications for teachers. [podcast]

A book about the project in Routledge Applied Corpus Linguistics  series

We are happy to announce a book about the project from a corpus perspective:

Deignan, A., Candarli, D., and Oxley, F. (2023). The Linguistic Challenge of Transition to Secondary School. Oxon: Routledge.

This is in the Routledge Applied Corpus Linguistics series, and is Open Access.


Twilight session with Professor Alice Deignan and Marcus Jones

Principal Investigator Professor Alice Deignan and Project Consultant Marcus Jones to lead a twilight session on some of the findings of the project to date. Linguistic Challenges of the Transition - online twilight session

Bridging the Word Gap at Transition

87% of teachers are concerned that increasing academic requirements at transition from primary to secondary school highlight pupils’ difficulties with vocabulary, according to a new report from Oxford University Press.  Meanwhile 92% of teachers believe that this ‘word gap’ – where children have a vocabulary below age-related expectations – has widened further following school closures brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Alice Deignan, our team leader, was interviewed for the Oxford University Press report 'Bridging the Word Gap at Transition'. You can download the whole report and read the interview in full through the link below.

Interview with Professor Alice Deignan

Principal Investigator Alice Deignan joins Robbie Love to reflect on the first year of the project and discuss some early findings.


Interview with Dr Duygu Candarli

Project Research Fellow Duygu Candarli joins Robbie Love to reflect on the first year of the project and discuss working with our participating schools.

CLER podcast: Alice Deignan

Shortly after the launch of the project in September 2018, Principal Investigator Professor Alice Deignan sat down with Dr Robbie Love to record a podcast for the University of Leeds' Centre for Language Education Research (CLER). Alice discussed a previous research project of hers which led her to investigate the transition from primary to secondary school.


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